aaa alkaline battery 1.5 volt

aaa alkaline battery 1.5 volt

9V2A bi-directional fast charging, more saving charge; comfortable grip, anti slip design, to give you the multiple protection of the rechargeable treasure.

  • Model: size aaa alkaline

aaa alkaline battery 1.5 volt



With our aaa alkaline battery 1.5 volt in reliable quality, you can be assured of the long-lasting power and super protection for your gadgets. Our Leak Proof technology ensures the safe stability during the using of our batteries. In comparison with aaa zinc carbon battery, AAA alkaline battery have a higher energy density and a longer shelf life. Thanks for choosing our product, with guaranteed quality.



Product name

aaa alkaline battery 1.5 volt

Technology Criterion

IEC 60086-2:2011 / GB/T 8897.1-2013 / GB/T 8897.2-2013

Mercury & Cadmium


Nominal voltage

1.5 Volts

Average capacity

>1200 mah

Open-circuit voltage

1.61 Volts

Closed-circuit voltage

1.55 Volts





Average weight

11.80 Grams

Shelf life

5 Years


Packing details

2 pieces per blistered card     

60 pieces in an inner box

480 pieces in a colorful carton        

Gross weight of each carton: 7.50KGS

Net weight of each carton: 5.30KGS

Measurement of outer carton: 400X302X217MM


colorful Inner box and outer carton


Dimension of a LR03 battery



The reasons for choosing our product



Company Profile

Chongqing Golden Partner Imp.&Exp. Co.,Ltd., sited in Chongqing municipality and established in 2004. It is one of the leading battery producers in China, produces and markets various kinds of batteries and battery packs, such as Lithium Ion battery packs, LiFePo4 battery packs, Li-polymer battery packs, alkaline battery (including this size aaa alkaline battery 1.5 volt) and various types of zinc carbon batteries. Welcome to our website and please feel free to contact us by email or telephone.


Instructions for use:

Always select correct type of batteries for intended use;

Replace all batteries from your devices at the same time;

Clean the contacts of battery and the equipment before installation;

Ensure that batteries are installed with correct polarity (+and-);

Remove batteries from equipment if not used for an extend period of time;

Remove exhausted batteries ASAP once you notice it.


Goldenpal Table Tennis Team of (in Red clothes) Won the 3rd in Chongqing Yubei Competition.



1.       How long is the shelf life of your LR03 alkaline battery?

60 months after production.

2.       Is this aaa alkaline battery 1.5 volt rechargeable?

No, it’s non-rechargeable.

3.       Do you accept OEM?

Yes, we do.



Brand glory

Model AP08Q

10000mAh fast charging version of the honor mobile power source

Color black

Class mobile power supply

Version fast filling

Appearance straight


Core capacity 10000mAh

The input interface Micro USB or Type C

Output interface USB A

Input voltage DC 4.5V~5.5V, 8.1~9.9V, 10.8~13.2V

Output voltage DC 4.75V~5.25V, 8.55~9.45V

Input current 2A (max) @5V&9V, 1.5A (max) @12V

Output current 2A

Electricity indicator 3 white LED light +1 double color lamp (fast charging state is green, non fast charge state is white)

Touch type of key type

Working temperature charging temperature: 0 C ~ 45 C, discharge temperature: -10 C ~ 45 C


Size 139mm X 73.7mm X 15.5mm

The weight is about 216g (bare metal)

Mobile power supply x 1

Micro USB data line (20~22cm) x 1

Instructions (including a warranty card) x 1